Advising Clients on The Division of Mineral Rights

In Texas, many families have oil and gas assets. When couples divorce, community oil and gas mineral rights must be divided. Terry L. Hart, Attorney at Law, helps individuals throughout Houston, Katy, Sugar Land and the surrounding communities protect their mineral rights during the divorce process.

Helping You Divide Your Oil Rights

In Texas, it is common for families to own land that they lease to oil and gas companies, invest in oil wells, or own oil and gas royalty rights. The way these investments are held can range from independent ownership, to corporations, partnerships and other interest-sharing arrangements. During the divorce process, these community oil and gas rights must be divided. Due to the complex nature of these investment assets and the unique ways they are held, dividing them can become extremely difficult.

The way oil and gas mineral rights are divided often depends on whether they are characterized as community or separate property. If found to be separate property, these oil and gas rights are taken out of the division discussion entirely and not subject to division. However, if they are owned jointly by the spouses, they must be divided.

Attorney Terry L. Hart is a sophisticated asset division attorney. Prior to opening his family law practice, Mr. Hart worked as a business transaction attorney, often in transactions involving oil and gas assets, and for the federal government in Washington, D.C., and abroad, monitoring international financial laws and exchanges and handling complex business transactions.

These experiences have provided Mr. Hart with a great understanding of the intricacies surrounding the transfer of complex financial properties. He understands the great financial impact certain transfers will have on his clients’ lives and knows how to structure transfers to provide his clients with the financial assets they need to leave their marriages and move forward with their lives.

As a smart litigator and highly skilled negotiator, Terry Hart uses every tool in his arsenal to create strategic legal solutions to his clients’ most complex property division disputes.

Protect Your Oil and Gas Investments

If you are involved in a divorce in the Houston area and need help with division of mineral rights, contact lawyer Terry Hart online. You can also call him at 713-581-1773 or 877-576-7390.