Being Mindful About Social Media Can Make A Difference In Your Divorce Proceedings

Americans today are more digitally connected than ever before. If our digital lives say anything about our real lives, it only makes sense that information shared online is highly sought after when it comes time to divide property and determine child custody in a divorce.

Houston social media and divorce lawyer Terry L. Hart has seen firsthand how information shared via social media has been used as evidence in a divorce case. Communications via any of the following social media sites may be used as courtroom evidence:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Dating websites

Can Social Media Affect Your Divorce?

Absolutely. Via various social media sites, many people post details about their lives that would otherwise not be made public. Any of the following information can be used in a divorce case as evidence against one party as it pertains to property division, child custody, etc.:

  • Information about how one spouse is spending his or her money
  • Information about potential hidden assets
  • Information about a new romantic relationship
  • Negative thoughts and feelings about a soon-to-be ex-spouse

Many attorneys advise their clients not to post anything online — or to avoid sharing anything via email, text, Twitter, etc. — that they would not want presented as evidence in court. It is not uncommon for this information to be copied off a website or obtained during discovery and used as evidence at trial.

When in doubt, assume that everything you post or share online (via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even email and text messages) can eventually come back to haunt you during the divorce process. Exercise extreme caution when posting anything, especially when it comes to finances, romantic relationships, alcohol or drug usage, parenting or information about a soon-to-be ex spouse. You should also discourage your family members and friends from posting information regarding you on their social media pages.

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