Determining Child Custody and Child Support

As a parent going through a family law dispute, protecting your relationship and bonds with your children is your top concern.

In Houston, family law attorney Terry L. Hart helps parents resolve disputes regarding child custody and child support to ensure children’s needs are met. Whether you are going through a divorce or are an unmarried couple, Mr. Hart can help you find a solution that protects you and your children’s interests and needs.

Dealing with All Issues That Children Face When Parents Split

No parent wants to think about a child not living under his or her roof full time, but when parents separate, it will become an unfortunate reality. The public policy of Texas is that children are served best by maintaining loving, supportive relationships with both parents.

Mr. Hart works with mothers, fathers and grandparents to solve all the complicated issues that come with child custody, including:

  • Determining a fair amount in child support payments
  • Establishing a parenting plan that accounts for school, summer vacations, holidays and parents’ working hours
  • Helping prospective parents through the adoption process and dealing with associated issues
  • Dealing with complicated jurisdictional issues when a parent lives abroad or out of state
  • Protecting the safety of children in danger of abuse

As a lawyer who has helped all types of families deal with all types of disputes, attorney Hart can assist in handling any type of dispute. While many parents find that out-of-court solutions work best because it allows them to continue to work together toward raising children, Mr. Hart has the litigation experience to represent you at trial when necessary.

Talk to Terry Hart Today About Your Parental Rights

If you are a parent dealing with a family law dispute, work with an experienced attorney who will work to find the best solutions to protect your rights and interests as a parent. Schedule a consultation today by calling 713-581-1773 or toll free at 877-576-7390. Terry L. Hart can also be reached online.