Navigating the Divorce Process in Houston and Beyond

Divorce is always an emotional process and the facts of a particular case may carry with them complex procedural and technical implications. If an individual’s spouse contests the divorce, proceedings can seem to go on interminably. Court fees can accumulate. Anxiety can overwhelm.

An experienced attorney can provide crucial help. Terry L. Hart has practiced law for more than 30 years; in the last decade, he has exclusively served as a family lawyer in Houston and the surrounding area. He has steered numerous individuals and their families through divorce proceedings, helping clients make positive choices and understand what to expect from the process. He works rigorously to facilitate the process as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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Finding A Solution When the Parties Don’t Agree

Reaching consensus on core issues — property division, child custody — is difficult for individuals going through a divorce. Even when the parties remain amicable, it is not always clear who should receive a particular asset or who should take on a particular debt.

For individuals in a contested divorce, the proceedings become still more complex. This is understandable. Their very livelihood — and, in many cases, their rights to parenthood — are threatened. Even so, most divorcing couples try to avoid going to court. Through mediation or arbitration, a third party can assist in devising a fair settlement. At times, however, litigation is unavoidable.

Mr. Hart offers knowledgeable legal assistance in both contested and uncontested divorces. He is experienced in overseeing the proper valuation of spouses’ properties and assets, and their equitable distribution. He will strive to negotiate child custody disputes quickly and without animus. He can assist his clients in achieving their desired outcomes.

In situations where litigation is inevitable, Mr. Hart provides spirited representation. He prepares each case thoroughly for trial. When appropriate, he will engage outside investigators to ensure that each spouse discloses all their assets honestly. When appropriate, he will scrutinize social media for pertinent evidence. In matters involving children, he fights aggressively on his clients’ behalf, asserting their rights zealously.

Preparing for A Sustainable Life After Divorce

Divorce proceedings do not simply end when the involved parties reach an accord or sign a contract. In many respects, a divorce agreement is a lifelong agreement. Certain provisions last at least until a couple’s children become adults. Other aspects of a divorce, such as spousal support, can go on for many years.

Mr. Hart offers a full spectrum of services to help individuals and families as they plan their lives following a divorce, including:

  • Spousal maintenance — Also known as alimony, spousal maintenance dictates how much one spouse must pay to the other following the end of a marriage, and for how long. In some cases, support will be paid for only a few years; in others it can go on indefinitely. Mr. Hart can assist with navigating and negotiating complex spousal maintenance issues.
  • Protection of your rights to your child — Above all else, it is critical to pursue the best interest of your child all the way through, and after, a divorce. While the Texas Family Code generally dictates the amount of child support a parent must pay, Mr. Hart will endeavor to make sure that this amount is both sufficient and just. When the responsible parent withholds payment, Mr. Hart provides representation to enforce the court’s orders. He also offers assistance for parents with special needs children, to establish ongoing support plans that help ensure the children’s well-being.

  • Custody proceedings — Custody (also called conservatorship) proceedings are sometimes contentious. It is often difficult to determine who is best suited to care for a child — and who, should have the right to make decisions in relation to a child. Mr. Hart provides counsel in all manner of custody disputes.

Know All The Options Before Filing for Divorce

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