How Is Custody and Support Affected If My Child Has Special Needs?

In Texas, both parents are required to contribute to the financial needs of their child. When parents divorce, or are unmarried, the parent with custody has the right to receive child support from his or her child’s other parent. The amount of support is generally determined by state guidelines and is based on the supporting parent’s income and the number of children he or she is supporting.

However, when children have special educational or health care needs, child support obligations may be modified to take into account the additional costs associated with raising a special needs child.

At the law office of Terry L. Hart, Mr. Hart helps parents throughout Houston, Katy, Sugar Land and the surrounding communities.

Child Support for Medical Expenses and Educational Expenses

Mr. Hart understands the extra financial strains faced by parents raising special needs children and fights to get his clients the extra child support they need to pay for increased medical, health care and educational costs.

Child support obligations typically terminate when children reach the age of 18, or graduate from high school. However, because special needs children may never live independently, parents may be required to pay child support for the duration of the child’s life. Mr. Hart works with clients to obtain child support arrangements that provide financial support for disabled children after reaching adulthood.

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