Establishing Paternity in Texas

Unmarried parents who go their separate ways face the same issues as divorced parents when it comes to child custody, visitation and support. The one difference is that paternity must first be established before the family court can order child support and approve a child custody and visitation agreement.

Houston paternity attorney Terry Hart, located in the Galleria area of Houston, brings a practical and affordable approach to the practice of family law, including paternity actions. He can help resolve paternity actions to allow you to resolve other family law issues regarding your children.

How Is Paternity Established?

In the absence of a legally recognized admission or acknowledgment of paternity, paternity is usually established by way of a DNA test. Once the court has established paternity, the remainder of the legal action will determine child custody, visitation and support. Paternity tests can also be used when it comes to terminating parental rights for the purpose of an adoption.

The same child custody and child support laws that apply to divorcing parents apply to parents who are unmarried. In all cases, the court will be concerned with the best interests of the child.

Protecting the Rights of Mothers and Fathers

In the past, mothers usually initiated paternity actions to force fathers to pay for child support. Today, fathers who are denied access to their children by mothers often initiate these legal proceedings. With a court-approved visitation plan, the father can be involved in his child’s life, and the child can benefit by having access to both parents.

An experienced family law attorney who has helped couples resolve all types of disputes, Terry Hart is a believer in the advantages of protecting parent-child relationships. He encourages parents to resolve their disputes outside of court whenever possible, in non-adversarial venues such as mediation.

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