Obtaining Spousal Support in Houston

After divorce, the income and financial resources that supported one household are divided and the level of assets and income available to a spouse may not be sufficient to support his or her reasonable needs. Oftentimes, the lower earning spouse is left with a lifestyle nowhere near the marital standard of living. Terry L. Hart, Attorney at Law, understands the emotional and financial impact divorce has on his clients’ lives. Where appropriate, he works hard to obtain fair spousal maintenance orders that provide his clients in Houston, Katy, Sugar Land and the surrounding areas with the resources they need to meet their minimum reasonable needs post-divorce.

Fighting for Your Right to Support

In Texas, alimony is only awarded in limited circumstances.

In general, to obtain alimony, it must be shown that one spouse is unable to meet his or her minimum needs after the divorce. Once that threshold is met, judges evaluate a variety of factors — including the length of the marriage, the age and health of the spouses, whether minor children are involved and whether one spouse supported the other’s career or training during the marriage — when determining whether to award alimony. Even when alimony is awarded, it is often limited in scope.

Attorney Terry L. Hart is an experienced and aggressive litigator. His goal is to resolve his clients’ legal disputes in the most efficient and effective manner possible. He often uses alternative forms of dispute resolution — such as negotiation and mediation — to obtain negotiated alimony settlements that provide for his clients’ needs.

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Obtaining alimony in Texas can be an uphill battle, but is obtainable in appropriate cases. Houston spousal support attorney Terry L. Hart can help. Contact Terry L. Hart, Attorney at Law, at 713-581-1773 or toll free at 877-576-7390. Se habla Español. Ici on parle Français.