An Attorney Can Protect You from Parental Alienation

If your child’s other parent is causing your child to have negative feelings toward you that are interfering with your court-ordered visitation and damaging your parent-child relationships, there is help. Based in Houston, Terry L. Hart, Attorney at Law, helps parents throughout Houston, Katy, the Galleria area and the surrounding areas protect their parent-child bonds and prevent parental alienation.

Rebuild Parent-Child Relationships

When romantic relationships end, hurt feelings and anger often cause individuals to act out in an attempt to punish their former spouses.

Unfortunately, some parents use children as a means to inflict emotional pain on the other person during custody disputes.

When parents knowingly — or unknowingly — continuously criticize, degrade and disparage their child’s other parent, children may be swayed, develop negative feelings toward this demeaned parent and begin to limit their contact with him or her. As these negative feelings increase, parents may become alienated from their children and parent-child bonds may be permanently broken.

Terry L. Hart, Attorney at Law, helps parents seeking to rebuild parent-child relationships.

Terry L. Hart Will Work to Find the Best Solution for You

While parental alienation may have a profound effect on parent-child relationships, there are not set guidelines dictating how these cases are to be addressed.

Courts often use amicus attorneys, parenting facilitators and psychologists to evaluate the child’s living situation, parent-child interactions and the mental health of all parties involved. Depending on the facts, a solution may include court-ordered therapy, visitation restrictions, and custody modifications.

Attorney Terry Hart understands how important parenting time is to developing and maintaining strong parent-child bonds. If your child’s other parent is interfering with your ability to exercise court-ordered visitation or is attempting to negatively influence your child against you, there is help. Mr. Hart will petition the court to enforce visitation arrangements, modify custody orders and, in appropriate cases, seek additional visitation to make up for time lost.

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