Legal Assistance in Domestic Violence Disputes

Domestic violence is a crippling matter for Texas families. Victims may live in fear for months or even years before ever reporting the matter, living with constant friction and turmoil within the family. Likewise, for parties accused of committing domestic violence, even a temporary protective order or restraining order can hinder relationships with children and family.

Regardless of the circumstances, parties affected by domestic violence or abuse should understand their rights and the protections available under Texas law. In Houston, lawyer Terry L. Hart understands domestic violence allegations and can assist you and your family in obtaining appropriate protective orders. Likewise, he can assert your position if you have been falsely accused of domestic violence.

An Attorney Can Take Quick Action to Keep You Safe

In every situation, it is important to treat abuse allegations with the seriousness and sensitivity the parties involved deserve. If you or your children’s safety is at risk, Terry L. Hart can act quickly to seek a protective order or restraining order to help keep you safe. He can also help in seeking to modify any child custody orders, if necessary.

There Are Several Types of Domestic Violence

Contrary to common belief, Texas domestic violence statutes involve abuse beyond spousal abuse — children, former intimate partners and other family members or household members are also protected. Domestic violence or family violence can involve physical harm (which may or may not result in bodily injury) or emotional harm (such as a threat that causes fear of potential harm). Domestic violence may involve:

  • Physical battery
  • Verbal assault
  • Sexual assault

Oftentimes, domestic violence allegations are leveled in the heat of a divorce dispute to gain leverage over a spouse. They can be used to convince a judge to grant certain rights, or they can be used to convince a spouse to quickly agree to a settlement. If you are falsely accused, an experienced litigator like Terry Hart can protect your rights in family law proceedings.

Get Help Today from Terry L. Hart, Attorney at Law

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