Business Valuation and Division During Divorce in Houston

As part of a divorce, all community property must be allocated and divided between the spouses. When couples own complex financial assets, such as family-owned or closely held businesses or business interests, the property division process can quickly become complicated and contentious.

Terry L. Hart, Attorney at Law, understands the important role property division plays in the future financial health of his clients. Drawing upon his extensive knowledge of business and financial law, Mr. Hart endeavors to help clients throughout Houston, Katy and the Galleria area leave their marriages in a financially secure manner.

Providing Future Financial Security During the Divorce Process

Property division decisions made during the divorce process can greatly impact each spouse’s financial health for years to come. When spouses own small or family-owned businesses, or own extensive business interests, the stakes are even higher. Many individuals are afraid divorce will cause their business to be broken apart or cause family-owned business to be transferred outside the family.

Attorney Terry L. Hart is a sophisticated property division professional. Mr. Hart thoroughly evaluates his clients’ — and their spouses’ — business interests to determine both the current value of the business and the proper division of the business.

Lawyer Dedicated to Protecting Professional Practices

You’ve spent years building your professional practice — don’t forfeit that practice during divorce.

As a former business and financial law attorney, Mr. Hart has insight into the inner workings of businesses. He spent years handling businesses’ financial transactions. Drawing upon this experience, Mr. Hart can evaluate the true value of a professional practice, including medical, dental practices and law practices.

Once the current value of a professional business has been determined, Mr. Hart pursues property division strategies that seek to provide his clients a fair allocation of the community property and, if possible, with current and future financial security. In appropriate cases, he endeavors to keep professional practices intact, and to ensure that family businesses stay in the family.

Terry L. Hart is an experienced litigator and highly skilled negotiator. He uses all the tools in his arsenal to create strategic legal solutions to clients’ most complex property division disputes.

Contact an Attorney to Discuss Property Division

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