Your Family’s Protection Is My Focus

Before he established his family law practice, Terry L. Hart practiced commercial law in Houston for over a decade. He also spent several years working with regulatory authorities overseeing international finance exchanges, both for the U.S. federal government in Washington, D.C., and in international organizations abroad.

Upon his return to Texas, Mr. Hart dedicated his practice to assisting families in their legal matters. He offers a full complement of services and is committed to helping his clients reach legal solutions that are best suited to them.

To learn more about Mr. Hart’s experience and background as a family lawyer, please refer to his biography below:

Skilled in Litigation, Skilled in Mediation

In family law, the longer legal proceedings go on, the more stress and anxiety they produce — and the more they cost. In situations where litigation is inevitable, Mr. Hart provides firm, effective representation, and works hard to achieve beneficial results in court. Yet resolution may come more easily, and at less expense, when pursued through mediation or negotiation. In such circumstances, Mr. Hart offers his clients the assurance that he will always act with their interests in mind.

Mr. Hart facilitates divorce proceedings, with an eye always trained on finding accord. He has experience overseeing the proper assessment and division of properties and other assets. In matters involving children, Mr. Hart will work rigorously to safeguard his client’s interests and will endeavor to negotiate sensible arrangements concerning conservatorship.

Drawing on his business acumen, he is experienced in drafting contracts between family members, including prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and agreements pertaining to child and spousal support; he can also help to modify orders or agreements when appropriate. Whatever his clients’ needs, Mr. Hart will endeavor to guide them to their desired outcomes.

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