Establishing the Father’s Rights to Custody and Visitation

The father-child relationship is important and should be encouraged. Under Texas law, unmarried fathers must take steps to establish their legal rights in relation to their children.

Terry L. Hart, Attorney at Law, helps fathers in Houston, Katy, Sugar Land and the surrounding areas establish and enforce their paternal rights to custody and visitation.

Paternity Attorney Serving Sugar Land and The Surrounding Texas Areas

If your child was born outside of marriage, the first step in securing your rights as a parent is to establish paternity. Once you are the legally recognized father of your child, you will have standing to petition the courts for custody and visitation rights.

At the law office of Terry L. Hart, Attorney at Law, attorney Hart provides Texas fathers with the legal resources they need to establish their rights to custody and visitation.

  • Child custody and visitation — There is no presumption that children are better cared for by mothers. Instead, Texas laws recognize that children are best served when they have relationships with both parents.
  • Child support — Attorney Hart also helps fathers seek appropriate orders relating to child support.
  • Modifications — As children grow and lifestyles change, fathers may find themselves providing more care and spending more time with children than was originally reflected in a past custody order. It may be necessary to modify existing child custody orders to reflect these parenting changes. In addition, child support payments may have to be modified to reflect new child living arrangements and increases and decreases in income.

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