Asserting Your Rights in A Contested Divorce

In the minority of divorce cases that cannot be resolved by an agreement between the parties, the case must be decided through a formal contested trial before a judge.

There are many reasons why the parties may be unable to reach an agreement. Whatever the cause of your disagreement, Houston attorney Terry L. Hart will vigorously present your case in divorce court and will advocate aggressively on your behalf in an attempt to attain your desired objectives.

Attorney Hart is an experienced family law trial attorney focused on achieving the most practical and pragmatic solutions for his clients. While he cannot guarantee results, he is committed to doing his best to obtain a favorable outcome to your case. His professionalism and personal service are attributes that comfort clients enduring the anxiety and uncertainty of a contested divorce in Texas.

Is Litigation Really Necessary?

Contested divorce cases involve a high level of stress and a high level of expense. That is why many couples concentrate on achieving solutions to issues like complex property division or determination of child custody through negotiation and mediation sessions.

In some cases, however, going through the litigation process is the only manner of obtaining the relief necessary to achieve the desired objectives and outcomes such as:

  • Protecting the well-being of your child
  • Uncovering hidden assets that your spouse was concealing
  • Asserting your right to receive spousal maintenance

Tireless Counsel in High-Stakes Litigation

If a trial is unavoidable to achieve a result that is in your best interests and the best interests of your child, attorney Hart will aggressively fight for your rights throughout the entire process of divorce litigation. That includes:

  • Preliminary hearings: The court may be required to issue temporary orders for the duration of divorce proceedings, such as for child custody, visitation, child support orders, spousal support and restraining orders. Restraining orders may be necessary to keep a spouse from selling assets or from acquiring significant liabilities.
  • Discovery and trial preparation: Each party is required by Texas divorce laws to disclose all assets and liabilities in order to identify property as separate or community property.
  • Trial: Mr. Hart vigorously presents issues before the court in a manner that demonstrates his client’s position on important issues involving child custody and visitation, the division of marital assets and debts and other points of conflict.

Contact Terry Hart to Find Out if This Is the Right Fit

An experienced attorney like Mr. Hart can carefully evaluate your situation and determine if proceeding to trial is in your best interest. Contact Terry Hart online to discuss your legal questions. You can also call him at 713-581-1773 or toll free at 877-576-7390.