When Can A Stepparent Petition for Adoption?

Are you in a relationship where you are the stepparent of a child and would like to adopt them? If so, it is important to consult with a lawyer who has experience in family law matters so that he or she can guide you through the adoption process. Attorney Terry L. Hart has more than 30 years of experience and has worked with a large law firm, the United States government and an international organization. Mr. Hart brings the highest level of professionalism to his practice and provides you with compassionate service.

Adoption can be a very rewarding time in your life and in the life of an adopted child. Contact Terry Hart for an initial consultation or call 877-576-7390.

Helping You Become A New Parent

Stepparent adoption confers parental rights on the adopting parent. This allows for the child to inherent from his or her new legal parent. Attorney Hart will work with mothers and fathers who wish to adopt their partner’s children.

No matter what issues have led to your adoption needs, attorney Terry Hart will lay out all of your options and help you pick the path that will help achieve your goals.

Experienced, Spanish-Speaking Attorney Serving All Families

Stepparent adoptions can be contested or uncontested, depending on whether the other parent consents to the adoption. If the other parent does not consent, grounds must exist for that parent’s rights to be terminated.

As a lawyer who is fluent in Spanish, Mr. Hart offers an important advantage to his Spanish-speaking clients seeking adoptions. When you come to attorney Terry Hart‘s office, you can speak directly with your lawyer in your native language, rather than through a translator.

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