We Help You Understand What to Expect During Divorce

For many Texas couples, there is no such thing as an easy divorce. The process of ending a marriage is a legally, financially and emotionally complex process, and every member of the family will feel the impact. The team at Terry L. Hart, Attorney at Law, understands what you are facing, and the entire team is dedicated to helping you navigate the challenges ahead and pursue a final order that works for you for years to come.

Mr. Hart is an experienced family law attorney who helps clients through every step of the divorce process. Whether you are facing a complex divorce involving valuable assets or you are filing for an uncontested divorce, he will fight to protect your rights and interests. You have a right to understand what to expect from the process ahead so that you can move forward with confidence and pursue a final agreement that provides you with security and stability long into the future.

Pursuing A Post-Divorce Future That Suits You

Divorce is a daunting prospect, and naturally, you likely have concerns regarding what your personal and financial future will look like once the process is complete. While every divorce is different, it is possible to pursue a final order that meets your needs and provides you with a measure of security. Mr. Hart offers each client with knowledgeable guidance for every step of the process, including the following:

Gathering documents and completing necessary paperwork

  • Understanding how to seek either temporary or permanent orders through the non-adversarial process of mediation
  • Negotiations and discussions with the other party or litigation, if necessary
  • Walking through the trial process if settling out of court is not possible

Your situation is unique, and you deserve an equitable and sustainable divorce order. Ending a marriage is complex, but Terry Hart helps his clients find effective solutions in a timely manner. Disputes can lengthen the divorce process, resulting in more costs and additional stress, but Mr. Hart is adept at helping clients preserve their interests whenever possible, whether that is in a protracted trial, or fast and simple settlement process.

A Lawyer with Experience by Your Side

Divorce is an emotionally traumatic process. Whether you are able to reach a settlement without the need for litigation or you find yourself locked in a heated dispute over child custody or other issue, you deserve an experienced ally by your side, shielding your interests and helping you pursue an outcome that is fair and reasonable.

You have the right to know your options. You can discuss your case with Mr. Hart by making an appointment to meet at his Houston office. You can email to schedule a consultation, or you can call toll free at 877-576-7390 or locally at 713-581-1773.