Enforcing Your Parental Rights

Divorce can be an emotional and stressful time. The hurt feelings and anger associated with the end of a relationship can often cloud individuals’ judgment and cause them to act in a manner that is not consistent with the best interests of their child. When one parent denies the other visitation with his or her child, it is often the minor child who is most hurt.

At the law office of Terry L. Hart, Attorney at Law, Mr. Hart helps parents enforce their court-ordered custody and visitation rights.

Attorney Focused on Building Strong Parent-Child Relationships

Attorney Terry Hart understands how important time is when developing and maintaining relationships with your children. When your child’s other parent interferes with your court-ordered parenting time, there are legal steps you can take.

In Texas, the legal process for enforcing custody and visitation is through a motion for enforcement of possession and access. Through this legal process, parents petition the court for help enforcing existing child custody and visitation orders.

Judges may order the parent who is denying access to children to reimburse the other parent for court costs and attorney’s fees incurred in the enforcement action. In addition, judges may hold parents who prevent, or interfere with, court-ordered visitation and custody in contempt of court and sentence them to jail.

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