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An Attorney Dedicated To Serving Families

When a family begins to fracture, the world seems to fracture along with it. The relationships you could once depend on are no longer supportive. There seems little left on which to rely. The legal necessities — whether filing for divorce, or arguing for child custody — cause confusion and anxiety. The process often becomes overwhelming.

Attorney Terry L. Hart understands the complexities involved in family law proceedings. He has practiced as a lawyer for more than 30 years; in the last decade, he has dedicated his professional life to assisting residents of greater Houston in family law matters. His approach to the law is personal and pragmatic. He is devoted to helping his clients pursue their legal outcomes in the manner best suited to them.

Sophisticated Solutions To Complex Family Law Disputes

Mr. Hart offers clients creative, effective solutions to their most challenging family law issues, including:

  • Divorce - Divorce proceedings do not have to be emotionally and financially draining. Mr. Hart can provide guidance about the best means for you and your spouse to resolve differences in issues ranging from property division to child support.
  • Protecting your interests relating to your children - Ensuring children have the resources they need is essential. In relation to child custody and support, Mr. Hart will always consider the best interest of your children as his chief priority.
  • Keeping you safe from harm - Mr. Hart provides representation to the victims of domestic violence. He also represents those facing allegations of domestic violence.
  • Safeguarding your rights - Spouses often have obligations to meet after a divorce. Enforcing or modifying a decree is a difficult process that Mr. Hart can help you through.

In Texas, matters of family law are often fact dependent. Mr. Hart possesses the experience to help his clients navigate the most common - and least common - pitfalls, and works to achieve the outcomes they seek.

Seeking Out-Of-Court Solutions Whenever Possible

In some cases, litigation is unavoidable, and Mr. Hart is prepared to fight assertively on behalf of his clients. Yet he is committed to reviewing all aspects of a case, and he will help his clients determine if a solution can be reached more quickly and sensibly through alternative means. His belief is that out-of-court discussion, negotiation and settlement are the best means to handle family disputes.

Mr. Hart calculates every step he takes to advance his clients' interests. No matter what approach his client's case dictates - negotiation or litigation - Mr. Hart will work rigorously to achieve the best possible result.

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