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Life immediately following the filing of a divorce can be filled with anxiety. Attorney Terry L. Hart has extensive experience helping people address their legal needs and emotions during a divorce. One tool he can use to help you is a temporary order.

A good family law attorney responds compassionately to his clients' circumstances, while at the same time considering the best and most efficient options available. Contact Houston temporary orders lawyer Terry Hart for an initial consultation.

What Are Temporary Orders?

Temporary orders are issued by the court after the filing of your divorce case and remain in effect until your divorce is finalized. These orders can resolve many of your family law concerns (child custody, visitation, financial obligations, etc.) while your case is pending. Since a divorce case can take months to finalize, temporary orders play an important role in setting guidelines for divorcing spouses to follow.

Prior to obtaining a final decree from the court regarding important family issues, it is possible to have temporary orders issued. As a knowledgeable family law attorney, Mr. Hart will work with you to obtain relief in many areas:

A temporary order can address other important issues as well, from separating finances during the pendency of the divorce to determining which spouse will remain in the marital home.

Protecting Your Children From Abuse

It is always important to look out for the best interests of your children. If there has been drug abuse or physical abuse of your child, it is critical to act quickly. It is possible to modify a child custody agreement or to obtain a restraining order.

The safety of your children is paramount. Attorney Hart has the experience required to argue your case in front of a judge and to seek to ensure that your rights and the safety of your children are protected.

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