Consider a social media break during your divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2022 | Divorce

Your divorce is an emotional journey, regardless of the terms of your divorce. In many of these cases, litigation becomes inevitable.

During a contested divorce, you already have to deal with complex proceedings. Social media can further complicate your case and affect your mental health.

The mental health effects of social media

Social media is inescapable, with about 72% of all Americans using it. People who use social media too much may become depressed and isolated. During your divorce, these feelings may become enhanced because you already feel the loss of your former spouse. You may see pictures of other couples or your friends moving on in their relationships and feel left out. Most people start to compare themselves to other people.

You do not see behind the scenes when you compare yourself to others on the internet. Additionally, many people post adverse world events on social media. Exposure to too much negativity can sour your outlook and make you feel worse.

The legal repercussions of social media

Your ex’s attorney can scour your social media for information to present in court. A simple post about a vacation or shopping trip may seem benign, but your former spouse may try to spin it to make you appear irresponsible with money or more financially secure than you are. Exes often use finances, romantic relationships, parenting information and alcohol or drug use from social media against the other person.

To avoid problems with social media, it may help to take a break and advise family and friends not to post information about you for the time being.

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