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Are there residency requirements when divorcing in Texas?

When a Texas couple gets married, they assume their marriage will last forever. These relationships often do but, occasionally, a divorce becomes imminent. A divorce is an incredibly stressful time for a family and, in Texas, there are many complicated laws surrounding the divorce process. Some residents of the Houston area may wonder how long they need to live in Texas before they can file for divorce.

Is your separate bank account still yours during divorce?

More and more, people are building their own lives before they get married. You may be among those who finished their educations, established their careers and perhaps even purchased property before tying the knot. You certainly have your own bank accounts, and when you and your spouse married, you may have agreed to keep your own savings and checking accounts.

Mistakes to avoid in a high net worth divorce

Unfortunately, many marriages in the Houston area do not last forever. There are many couples who decide to end their marriage for one reason or another. When a couple is facing a divorce, it can be an emotional time with many complex issues that need to be resolved. When the couple has a high net worth, the decisions that are made during this time are very important.

Is joint custody the right choice for your family?

Making decisions that can affect your children after divorce is not an easy task. It can be hard to make choices that will make sense for your Texas family while both protecting your parental rights and the needs of your children. This is why many parents find it beneficial to opt for a joint custody agreement.

Separate property in a Texas divorce

When a Houston couple gets married, they believe their life can't get any better. They have just committed themselves to a lifetime with the one they love, and life has never looked rosier. Unfortunately, not all marriages last forever, and each year thousands of Texas couples decide to make the difficult decision to divorce. Working through a divorce is a complicated and emotional matter with property division often being the most contentious issue.

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