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Special needs children and child support

Many families in the Houston area have a child with special needs. Families who have special needs children understand the amount of time and money that the child requires. In these cases, it is important for families to keep the best interest of their child in mind when it comes to child support.

Divorce can affect your business

People put a lot of energy and time into creating their businesses and it often takes years before they start earning a profit. When all this development is threatened by a business partner's divorce, Texas residents may feel overwhelmed, but, the truth is, a business partner's soon-to-be ex-spouse may actually be entitled to a portion of the business, unless there are provisions in place to prevent such a situation.

Facing a threat to your parental rights? You can fight back

As a Texas parent facing divorce or dealing with post-divorce transitions, nothing is more important than protecting your children and the relationship you have with them. Even with a clear visitation and parenting time order, it is not always easy to work with the other parent and make a custody plan work. Due to hard feelings, anger, grief or disappointment over the divorce terms, the other parent may attempt to threaten your parental rights.

How is child support calculated in Texas?

Going from one household to two during a divorce is difficult enough, but then managing how much is to be paid in spousal support and child support can further complicate matters. Where spousal support is paid by one spouse to another for a specific period of time to help the receiving spouse get back on their feet financially while maintaining the lifestyle they were accustomed to before the divorce, child support is for the children's financial needs only.

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