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How can I modify my child custody agreement?

When a couple with children gets divorced, there are parts of the divorce decree that specify child custody arrangements, child support owed, and other details relating to the children. However, life is always changing, and sometimes the arrangement that worked for you a year ago no longer makes sense. In such cases, Texas courts may allow for a modification of your child custody agreement.

What does the divorce process look like in Texas?

If a person thinks their marriage may be headed for divorce, they might have many questions. A divorce can feel like the end of the world and emotions are running high. It might be helpful for those contemplating a divorce to understand how the divorce process works in Texas.

Should you think about the possibility of divorce?

Recently engaged Texas couples may find themselves excited about the possibility of planning a wedding, going on a honeymoon and preparing for their lives together. During this period of planning and looking ahead, it's smart not to overlook the need for a prenuptial agreement. Despite the many benefits that this type of legal protection can provide, couples often don't want one or don't think they really need one. 

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