Divorcing? Here are 4 topics to keep off your social media

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If you routinely use Facebook or other social media to release your frustrations, you may want to think carefully about your social media use during your divorce. Social media is not private no matter how private you keep your settings.

During a divorce, not all your friends will remain loyal. You may post something that quickly gets back to your ex, and that can be detrimental to goals. Some experts believe there are several topics you should avoid while you are going through a divorce.

Your negative feelings about your ex

Berating or bad mouthing your children’s other parent on social media may lead the court to conclude that you will do the same in front of the children or even to them. While you may simply be letting off steam in a moment of anger, there is a chance your post will portray you as someone who is unstable or vengeful, which could hurt your custody case.

Your love life

Until your divorce is settled, you will want to keep your dating life quiet. Not only may social media posts or relationship status changes stir controversy and feelings of betrayal among your friends and family, including your children, but they may also have other consequences. For example, if your posts suggest you are spending marital funds on your boyfriend or girlfriend, the court may reduce your share of assets during property division.

Your parental fitness

While your status may never say that you are a bad parent, the court may interpret this if you post pictures that suggest you are irresponsible. Pictures of you partying, using illegal drugs or behaving recklessly may become evidence in a custody hearing.

Your mental health

Feeling overly emotional, that your nerves are raw or even that you may be coming apart is natural for someone going through a life-changing and tumultuous event like divorce. You may find comfort and peace in seeing a therapist to help you handle the emotional rollercoaster. However, whatever you discuss in therapy should remain behind those closed doors. Not everyone understands the value of counseling, and your social media posts may paint you as unstable.

You are not alone

While it may seem lonely to avoid social media at such a time, you can take advantage of the many resources available in Texas for those going through this difficult event. By having advocates for your personal, financial and legal matters, you can work through the struggles and have hope for a bright post-divorce life.

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