How do assets impact divorce?

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When going through divorce, couples often argue about assets. This is especially true in childless couples who do not have to worry about matters of custody or visitation first.

In what ways do assets impact the divorce process itself? Is having more assets actually a bigger hurdle to divorcing couples?

Do wealthier couples fight more?

Business Insider discusses assets in divorce. Over time, a common myth about divorce included the notion that couples with more assets would fight more throughout the divorce itself.

This does seem to have some truth to it. Specifically, upper-middle-class couples fight incredibly often and tend to have very vitriolic fights, especially compared to the classes below them.

However, upper-class couples who have over $5 million in assets actually have a higher rate of amiable divorce than any other wealth bracket. How do these two brackets and their respective divorce outcomes coexist?

How feelings toward assets impact arguments

While upper-middle-class couples do have more assets than those in classes below them, they often still do not feel truly financially stable. The idea of divorce may drive many of them into acting out and viciously fighting to try to gain as many assets from the community property division as possible.

By comparison, wealthy couples often have enough assets that they feel financially secure. They know that one divorce cannot ruin them, and so they often feel more willing to cooperate with one another, fearing the social stigma of an ugly divorce more than the fear of losing some joint assets.

Thus, assets do impact a divorce, but perhaps not in the way some think.

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