Minimizing conflict amid divorce for your child’s benefit

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Emotions often run high amid a Texas divorce. Yet, if you and your ex make an effort to minimize the level of conflict that exists between you, your children may be better off because of it. Studies show that when a high degree of conflict exists between parents, the child experiences negative effects. This holds true regardless of whether a child’s parents remain in a relationship or split up. However, kids whose parents fight regularly and stay married are among those most likely to experience negative effects.

Per Psychology Today, anxiety and depression are both common among children whose parents have highly contentious relationships.

How conflict between parents affects kids

Research shows that when conflict exists between a child’s parents, that child becomes more likely to have a poor self-concept and low self-esteem. Parental conflict also has a negative impact on a child’s overall mental health and future relationships. It may, too, hinder his or her ability to perform well in school, among other possible repercussions.

How to minimize conflict between parents

Having a formal parenting plan in place helps many former couples navigate this new phase of their relationships. Because a parenting plan outlines your agreed-upon terms when it comes to raising your child, it effectively eliminates many potential conflicts before they even arise. Some plans also outline ways parents plan to handle any conflicts that do arise, and this may prove helpful in your situation.

Some parents also find that talking with a therapist and having a chance to air their grievances improves their co-parenting relationships.

Putting your child’s needs first may not be easy, but it is an important and necessary part of navigating a divorce or breakup.

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