3 common causes of gray divorce

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Divorce is one of the most difficult events for people to endure, but what happens when you are over 50 and find your marriage ending? Gray divorce, according to, is on the increase, with divorce among older couples having doubled over the past two decades.

While older couples may split for many reasons, some divorces may share common triggers, and watching for these signs in your marriage may help you understand whether yours is ending.

1. The empty nest

If the presence of your children often acted as a buffer between you and your spouse and you now find yourself facing an empty nest, it may affect the relationship between the two of you in a negative way. Many older couples believe that staying together for the sake of the kids makes the family unit stronger, but once the children grow up and leave the home, you may find that staying married no longer holds any interest for you.

2. Intimacy changes

While couples can enjoy intimacy well into their senior years, you may experience troubles in this area that can escalate quickly and lead to arguments, resentment and feelings of insecurity. You may also experience a drop in sexual desire as you age, which may make your spouse feel less attractive. This can trigger negative emotions and conflict that could end in divorce.

3. Financial trouble

Retirement and a budget restricted by a limited income often contribute to grey divorce. For example, you may want to travel after retirement but your spouse believes you should save every penny instead. Arguments over finances can sour the most enduring of marriages once retirement approaches.

Many different types of lifestyle changes can cause a divorce as you age, and if you anticipate a split in the near future, you may want to organize your finances to avoid any entanglements once you announce your intent to end the marriage.

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