Social Security benefits and child support obligations

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If you recently started receiving Social Security benefits or you expect to secure these benefits soon, it is important to understand how they can affect the child support you have to pay. When it comes to child support, every parent is in a unique position with respect to their financial circumstances. Many different factors can play a role in how much support the court orders one to pay, including Social Security benefits.

In order to avoid serious penalties, it is crucial to stay caught up on child support and understand the options in front of you if your situation changes.

How does Social Security affect child support?

The Attorney General of Texas goes over some of the ways in which Social Security benefits can impact child support obligations. For example, parents required to make child support payments who start to receive Social Security later on could have the ability to modify their child support order. Moreover, certain types of Social Security benefits count as income, and the state could garnish these benefits to apply to child support that you owe.

Additionally, the Office asks parents to reach out to them if their kids also receive payments from the Social Security Administration because of their benefits.

Does Social Security affect back child support?

If you owe child support arrears, the Attorney General states that these obligations do not disappear and you will probably have to keep making payments until you become caught up. However, they encourage parents in this position to review their options with respect to payment modifications.

If you want to modify your child support order or you have another child support issue to address, reviewing the details of your case and your finances is paramount.

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