How can a custody investigation help you?

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Child Custody

Custody cases are often emotional and contentious, but they do not have to be. Approach the case rationally, especially if you have concerns about the other party. For parents with specific concerns about custody challenges, an investigation can help.

There are some specific situations where a child custody investigation is beneficial.

Is your spouse interfering with your visitation time?

If one parent is showing up at scheduled events during your custodial time and interfering with your visitation, or the other parent is repeatedly dropping the children off late, picking them up early, or scheduling things during your visitation, that is custodial interference. A custody investigation can provide sufficient documentation for the court to address it.

Are you fighting false accusations?

If you have been the target of such false accusations, a child custody investigation can prove them wrong. Once debunked for the court, you can preserve your relationship with your children.

Have you seen signs of neglectful behavior?

Signs of neglect include coming home abnormally hungry as though they have not been fed properly, arriving in dirty clothing and without bathing or with bruises and unexplainable injuries. A custody investigation paired with thorough documentation can help in court.

Protecting your children should be your top priority in a divorce. Custody investigations help you gather the information necessary to keep your kids safe and protect your visitation rights. Advocating for your kids is important when you see signs of the other parent trying to interfere because they can not speak up for themselves.

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