Is it best to be the one to file in a high-asset divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2022 | Divorce

When you file for a divorce, it essentially just means submitting legal documents to a court. Under Texas family law, being the spouse to file this paperwork probably will not give you much legal edge.

A better question is whether there are any benefits in being the first spouse to plan to file for a divorce. The answer to this question is yes — especially when wealth and valuable assets are at stake.

Planning helps you get a fair portion of marital wealth

Say you are concerned that your spouse will try to hide some assets during your divorce. Advanced planning gives you time to tell your legal and financial advisors about your concerns. Together, you can develop strategies to prevent your spouse from hiding assets or to find already hidden assets.

It allows you to build your future

If you plan for a high-asset divorce in advance, it can give you time to address your future. When you earn less than your spouse, this can help you hold on to the standard of living you enjoyed while married. For example, you can use the time ahead of filing to find investments or earning opportunities to help support the standard of living you desire.

You can get ahead on the filing requirements

Another benefit of planning involves having the opportunity to complete the filing requirements. You will have time to decide to research how high-asset divorces work in Texas and plan your course of action properly. We recommend learning more about high-asset divorces when you are deciding when to file your documents.

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