Important principles for child custody in summer

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A child custody arrangement in Texas can work quite well all year long, but sometimes couples find that summer schedules call for special considerations. When school ends, children often require more supervision and attention.

This situation comes with both opportunities and challenges.

Plan far ahead

The forum 2houses identifies the first principle of summer custody arrangements as looking into an alternative custody schedule far in advance. This can reduce conflicts and create an opportunity for an enjoyable summer for all parties.

If the parents decide that the regular custody schedule will not work for summer, they should begin to discuss the alternative schedule. Events such as summer camp, vacations, work schedules and other factors will become relevant. Parents might also need to work with the courts to put the new schedule into writing. Any extensive travel plans could result in significant changes to the existing custody arrangement.

Discuss the situation openly

All parties should have a say in any modifications, including the children. The logistical considerations could involve such arrangements as expanded daycare, especially if the child falls under a certain age. Open discussions can also help parents find out what the child wants for a productive and enjoyable summer.

A good plan accommodates the needs of the children and lets them know that they remain a priority. A family can shape a summer custody schedule in many different ways:

  • Two weeks at a time for each parent
  • Alternating weeks
  • Alternating by days of the week
  • Alternating according to vacation schedules
  • A 50/50 split

At the minimum, parents should put down in writing the new summer plan. This should help avoid confusion and disagreements. When done thoughtfully, child custody during summer provides many opportunities.

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