Supporting your children and navigating divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Family Law

Going through a divorce can take its toll on you, but your children still depend on you for care and comfort. Your children will handle your divorce differently depending on their ages and maturity.

While you may need to customize your approach for each child, repeatedly reaffirming your love is something all of them will need. Even though you may feel stretched thin, having some ideas of how you can support your children may help you be your best.

Discuss the changes

Separating from your spouse could trigger changes that impact living arrangements, parent availability and which activities your children can reasonably participate in. You may hear your children express concerns about how these changes will impact their social lives.

Sitting down together and discussing the ways life will look different may provide comfort. You can encourage your children to look for solutions as they embrace a new normal. According to The Mayo Clinic, you can better support your children when you implement routines, set boundaries and show up consistently in their lives.

Lead by example

Divorce can trigger raw and painful emotions. The bad days will inevitably come. However, your ability to lead by example and show resilience may encourage your children to follow suit. Never speak ill of your ex in front of your children. During custody exchanges, behave amicably and share in your children’s enthusiasm to spend time with their other parent.

Having a reliable attorney can alleviate some of your stress which may give you more time to focus on the needs of your children. Your effort to show love and concern during an unprecedented time may reduce the impact of your divorce on your children’s future.

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