What should you include with a custody agreement?

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In the aftermath of a divorce, it is important to have a detailed and well-thought-out parenting plan. This way, even if you run into arguments with your co-parent – a common occurrence among divorcees – then you will know how to handle it.

Being as specific with the terms of your custody agreement as possible will save you a lot of headaches further down the road. But how do you know which specific details to expand upon and include?

Setting your schedule

Very Well Family takes a look at the components of a custody agreement. First, focus on the summer schedule. During the school year, it is most typical for children to spend the majority of the time with the residential or custodial parent. Non-residential parents may make up for this lost time by requesting the rights to parent over summer vacation, but you must specify how long this period will last.

Next, you have holiday arrangements. In an ideal scenario, co-parents can come up with an alternating schedule that allows each parent to see their child on all major holidays throughout the years. Many parents will agree to take a child out together for their birthday. For Father’s Day, fathers typically get custody, while the reverse is true for Mother’s Day.

Your rights of access

You should also specify the right to access records, including medical, dental and school records. Grant both parties the ability to make decisions in emergency medical situations as well.

Finally, cover the possibility of relocation. You should decide first if relocation is even an option you want to allow. If it is, specify how to handle custody arrangements after a move and who will handle visitation-related expenses.

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