What are some ways to reduce stress during divorce?

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During a divorce, you may struggle to discuss some concerns with your ex-spouse. Arguments over the house or financial matters could make it hard to stay relaxed and on topic.

Preventing any additional stress or frustration can help you live a better life and have a more respectful relationship with your ex-spouse.

Stay flexible

Being willing to compromise is important for divorced couples. According to Psychology Today, a collaborative mindset allows you to think critically about what you want while still being flexible about the methods you need to get there.

For example, you both may insist on staying in the family home, but if you talk about why to stay there, you both may have different reasons. Examining why you want what you want is a good first step to coming up with a workable solution.

Communicate respectfully

While it may seem tempting to argue or bring up old issues from the past, staying on topic is the best way to collaborate well. Being honest while discussing any important topics also helps strengthen the respect between co-parents.

Keep your messages to each other short and to the point. Do not attempt to bring up important topics with your ex-spouse over text messages or other written communication.

Find support from others

Talking to family or friends after a major life change can help you feel more resilient and ready to face the future. Although your feelings may vary from anger to sadness to regret, discussing what you think with others can help you grow.

Healing will not happen all at once, so do not rush it. By spending time with other people, you can try new activities and reduce stress after a divorce.

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