Can I still text my child in a divorce with a conservatorship?

On Behalf of | May 14, 2021 | Family Law

Sometimes in a divorce, the court feels that your children require extra support. The court may appoint a conservator that is not you or the other parent.

When your child has a conservatorship, the Texas Constitution and Statutes explain that it gives the conservator the authority over your child. You will have to work with the conservator when it comes to your child as you have limited rights over him or her. This means you even have to coordinate any communication you have.


The conservator will usually allow you to contact your child via telephone and possibly text message as long as there are no concerns about doing so. The conservator will need to make a request to the court to allow communication through electronic means, including text.

The court will set the schedule or a plan for when you can contact your child. It will only grant the request if it feels it will benefit the child.


You will need to ensure the conservator knows your phone number and advise him or her of any changes within 24 hours.

The conservator should honor your child’s privacy and allow him or her to communicate openly with you without interference. You should have set times for communication and the conservator should honor those commitments.

It is important that in every situation your child is the top priority. If the conservator feels the communications are detrimental to your child, he or she certainly can express those opinions to the court, which could result in you losing the right to text with your child.

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