Can divorce cause physical illness?

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2021 | Family Law

You probably are aware of the mental toll that divorce can take on you. It is a stressful situation full of emotions.

However, WebMD explains that divorce can also harm your physical health. It is likely due to the effects of stress.

More at risk

You are more at risk for physical harm from your divorce if it was contentious. If you had many disagreements or a lot of hostility, then it is likely you will suffer harsher effects. The risks seem to be equal for men and women, too.

Something more

Studies that show a negative impact from divorce on your physical health do also show it may not all be from the divorce directly. If your marriage was not healthy or stable prior to the divorce, then that situation could have also taken a toll on your health.

In addition, the financial effects of a divorce can cause lasting impacts on you that will eventually impact your physical health. Co-parenting is another issue that could cause ongoing issues.

The effects of a divorce on your body can last a long time. They may continue far beyond the initial divorce. It largely depends on your ability to amicably work through issues with your former spouse and move on in a positive way from the marriage. Your ability to co-parent successfully also will have an effect.

You may be unable to prevent all impacts to your health from a divorce because of the nature of the process. However, you may be able to minimize the lasting effects by nurturing a positive relationship with your former spouse.

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