Why should you avoid dating during your divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2021 | Divorce

It took a lot of contemplation and consideration, but you feel the only way to experience true happiness is to divorce your spouse. Should you consider seeing other people while you complete the divorce process?

Divorce Magazine explains why you should think about holding off on dating until after you officially divorce. Learn how to avoid jeopardizing your case and the next chapter of your life.

You do not want to cause conflict

With the flurry of emotions often involved in a divorce, you do not want to plant seeds of conflict by seeing other people while still legally married to your current spouse. If you suggested the divorce, you do not want to give the impression that you only did so to indulge in an ongoing affair. Even if your current partner initiated the divorce, dating during a marital split may trigger irrational emotions and responses in your spouse. Avoid the headache and frustration by waiting to see other people.

You do not want to impede your settlement

If you and your current spouse have yet to finalize your divorce settlement, dating other people may limit your possibilities. Your desire to seek a new romantic relationship may make your partner jealous, furious or mistrustful, which may cause her or him to withhold assets or ask you to pay more in alimony. Even if dating other people does not limit your settlement options, your spouse may drag her or his feet in signing off on your existing settlement.

Think twice if you want to begin something new before ending what you currently have. Dating during a divorce may cost you more now and later than you realize.

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