Managing stress during divorce through proper self-care

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Because divorce is so complex in how it affects people’s lives, many individuals struggle with managing stress during such a challenging time. Declining mental health and widespread emotional instability may hinder the efforts of divorcees in overcoming the challenges of their situation.

People who understand the impact of proper self-care on their ability to manage their stress and cope with their divorce may more efficiently and effectively work toward a better future.

Signs of stress

Reactions to stress look different depending on who you ask. According to, some symptoms of stress may include the following:

  • Insomnia
  • Unexplained mood changes
  • Forgetfulness

One thing people can implement to manage their stress is to make a list of the things they can and cannot control. For example, they can control how much sleep they get, how they spend their parent time, how they perform at work and what they do to work toward their goals. They cannot control the behavior of their ex, the outcome of certain negotiations and the way people respond to and react to their divorce.

Focusing their energy on the things they can control may help them eliminate unnecessary stress from trying to control things that are outside of their sphere of influence.

Maintaining health

People who prioritize their self-care and implement healthy habits may effectively lessen the impact of their divorce on their well-being. The U.S. News suggests that people stay active, spend time in nature and seek the support of loyal friends and family members.

The sooner divorcees can establish a new schedule and work through the complexities of regaining their independence, the faster they can turn their focus to prioritizing their health.

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