Take action if you cannot afford your child support payments

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2020 | Child Support

The Texas child support system exists to provide children with enough financial support to help them thrive. However, like all large-scale programs, it is not without its flaws. One of the largest flaws is that it imposes significant hardships on parents who truly cannot afford to make their child support payments.

We want to make something clear before moving on. All children deserve financial support from each parent, and all parents deserve the best chance of providing such support. In our time serving Houston residents, we have rarely encountered a noncustodial parent who did not want to help their kids thrive in every possible way.

Unfortunately, the ever-changing economic landscape in our country is hard for many parents to navigate. Job losses or reduced work hours are common occurrences in today’s world. While this is difficult for the entire nation, it causes even more hardships for parents struggling to meet their child support obligations.

Our attorneys want you to know that it is possible to find a solution if you can no longer afford to pay child support. Family courts in the state are willing to work with you to make it easier on you and, in turn, your children. While it may be tempting to ignore the issue until you find a solution on your own, this will only make your problems worse.

If you feel overwhelmed by your inability to provide financial support for your kids, please reach out for help immediately. When you have a valid reason, such as losing your job, you and your legal representative can petition the court to modify your child support order until you are back on your feet.

You can learn more about modifying your child support order by continuing to read our blog and our website.

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