Collaborative divorce can be a good option for some Texas couples

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2019 | Divorce

When a Houston area couple gets engaged it is an exciting time, and after the wedding is over the couple may be very happy with their new life. However, despite a couple’s best intentions, their marriage may not last forever. For a couple who is facing a divorce, a collaborative divorce may be the way to go.

Although the media consistently discusses divorces that involve drama, friction and contentious issues, some divorces can be settled in a collaborative way. A collaborative divorce is a process in which both spouses work together to reach a settlement. The spouses come together to create a mutually beneficial agreement instead of just working on their own interests. A divorce settlement is only reached if both parties agree. A collaborative divorce is a good way for a couple to go through a divorce if they will have to continue to have a relationship after the divorce is finalized. Spouses who have children or jointly held assets, such as a business, can benefit from a collaborative divorce.

A divorce is something no couples ever want to go through. But, if the time comes, a person may want to consult with a family law attorney. An attorney can help their client choose the best way to end their marriage, keeping their client’s family situation and assets in mind. An attorney can help their client determine if collaborative divorce makes sense or if there is another more fitting choice.

Not all divorces need to be contentious and mean-spirited. Couples who use a collaborative divorce process understand that working together can be a mutually beneficial process.

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