Stability for the kids starts with a good parenting plan

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As a parent, you want to protect the physical, emotional and mental well-being of your children over anything else in the world. If you decided to move forward with divorce, you may have concerns over how you will continue to do that during and after the process if final. One of your main goals is to provide the youngest members of your Texas family with safety and security for the foreseeable future. 

An important element of protecting your kids is providing them with a strong and sustainable custody and visitation agreement. You can do this by drafting a thoughtful parenting plan that allows your children to have continued and regular access to both parents well after the process is final. To accomplish this, you will have to work alongside the other parent to create a plan that will suit the needs and interests of your unique family.

Start with the basics 

You understand the importance of avoiding future legal complications whenever possible. After all, you probably do not want to have to go back to court shortly after completing your divorce. By being as thoughtful and thorough as possible, you can significantly reduce the chance you will have to deal with disputes with the other parent.

A good parenting plan is thorough, including as many details as may be necessary to make it work well. Basic elements of your parenting plan may include the following:

  • Pick-up and drop-off procedures
  • Holiday visitation
  • Summer vacations
  • Access to extended family members
  • A plan for dealing with disagreements
  • Determining which parent will make decisions for the child or how parents will share this responsibility

With a good parenting plan, you are doing much more than just reducing the chance of a fight with your ex-spouse down the road. You are giving your children what they need to effectively deal with the transition that comes when their parents divorce. When they feel safe and secure, they will be less likely to endure long-term mental and emotional trauma.

The best future for your family

In many ways, you hold your children’s future in your hands during your divorce. It is smart to keep your focus on what really matters, which is the best interests of the kids. This means you will have to set aside temporary emotions and hard feelings, but when you can do this, it is more likely that you will be able to come to a reasonable agreement on the terms of a parenting plan.

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