Analyze your social media presence when considering divorce

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In 2018, it seems like everyone has a go-to social media site. Whether it’s browsing Facebook or firing off tweets, social media has become a staple of daily life. While these sites help us stay connected to people all over the world, they can have unintended consequences.

Couples beginning a divorce may find out the hard way that their online history can impact their case in a number of ways. If a spouse is claiming to be low-income but posts pictures courtside at a Rockets game, the court might take that into account. Likewise, if there is offensive content on a parent’s profile, it may affect the outcome of custody battles. 

Social media accounts can affect several aspects of a divorce. When considering a divorce, keep in mind that social media can be evidence. Pay attention to what your digital presence says about you and your soon-to-be ex. Determine how social media could affect your case should the divorce become contended. Does it help your case? Does it favor your spouse?

When you have content on an online profile that could impact your divorce, it can be tempting to delete it. If your divorce has already begun, this is a mistake. Deleting online material can be considered destruction of evidence.

Social media can help you determine who might have the upper hand when negotiating a divorce. Don’t overlook these accounts when planning for divorce.

If you are considering divorce, an attorney with experience in Texas family law can help you understand your options.

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