3 Things to know about parenting plans and communication

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2023 | Blog, Child Custody

Drafting a parenting plan as part of your custody agreement may feel unnecessary, but that contract provides you with clear boundaries and expectations for both parents while your children grow up. Parenting plans evolve with changes in society, children’s needs and technology. Communication is one avenue where changes occur frequently.

Consider the advancements in technology as you draft the communication section of your parenting plan.

1. Video calls close distance

The rise in popularity of video communication apps makes it easier than ever for parents to stay in touch and close the distance between homes. Consider allowing a video call at predetermined intervals for the non-custodial parent. This allows both parents to maintain a connection with the children no matter who they are with.

2. Messaging builds stronger bonds

Messaging apps and texting allow your children to have general conversations and communication with the other parent when they wish. This encourages a bond between the parent and child with direct communication and access at will for your child.

3. Boundaries serve a vital role

While allowing video and messaging communication helps to maintain relationships, you need boundaries for both parents. Without boundaries in place, the non-custodial parent could easily monopolize the child’s time, preventing the custodial parent from making the most of their time with the child. Set limits and expectations so both parents understand the expectations.

Encourage a strong, healthy relationship between your children and both parents. Allow communication as much as possible and show your children that you support their relationship with the other parent. Adding technology to your parenting plan makes that easier.

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