Is divorce mediation right for me and my partner?

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Divorces do not always lead to court battles. Some divorcing couples divide their marital assets and obligations, decide custody over their children, and finalize the various details of their separation through mediation. The following are signs mediation might work for you too.

Your divorce is a mutual decision.

In mediation, you and your partner work together toward an amicable resolution. It is generally easier to collaborate when the decision to separate was something you both voluntarily made.

You want the divorce to finish earlier.

Traditional divorce litigation often depends on the court’s calendar, so completing it might take years. On the other hand, if you and your partner can free enough time for mediation, it is possible to finalize your divorce within a shorter period.

You and your partner agree on custody.

A divorce can end up in court because the couple cannot agree on who gets custody of their children. If you and your partner already have a parenting plan, then it is possible for you to settle custody-related matters without a court hearing.

You are both able to set aside negative emotions.

It is not unusual for separations to involve negative emotions like jealousy and bitterness. But if you and your partner are able to set these emotions aside and focus on an amicable resolution instead, mediation might be a viable option.

You are both open about your finances.

Some divorce court battles happen because parties are not forthcoming about their finances, which is critical to determining matters like child support and alimony. You can avoid such hearings and opt to mediate if you and your partner are transparent about your finances.

Mediation is less formal than traditional divorce, but it might not be ideal for every situation. Understanding its rules and requirements might help couples determine if mediation is the right fit and get the most out of the process.

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