What not to talk to your kids about regarding custody

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It would be best if you treated custody like serious business. It would be best to create a schedule for you, your kids and your ex. Just like a shift at work, you must stick with this schedule. Beyond this schedule, you should not talk to your kids about custody.

Here is what to avoid talking about with your kids regarding custody.

Why you created that schedule

The only reason you would tell your kids why you made that schedule is to make your ex look bad. Even if you are right about your ex being a jerk, you should not tell this opinion to your kids.

That you want to spend more time with them

Your kids know you want to spend more time with them. You do not have to remind them of that. Telling them that you want to see them more often can just project that you are insecure about your parenting skills to your kids. Instead, act like a good parent, and they will see you that way.

Why you went through a divorce

That does not matter in the big picture. The divorce is either over or about to be.

If your kids ask why it occurred, brush off the question. Instead of an honest answer, try saying, “we can talk about it when you are older.” Then, change the subject.

That you have a lot of child support

Tell your kids about your child support payments if you want to start smacking them around. Avoid this topic unless you want to find yourself in need of family legal resources.

Divorce is not easy. Neither is child custody. However, following these tips will help you make the process easier on your children and help keep them mentally healthy.

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