Drafting a holiday parenting schedule

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2020 | Child Custody

As a divorced parent, your parenting plan probably calls for alternating holidays. However, it may not address the days surrounding each holiday.

In many Houston area school districts, students can get a full week off for Thanksgiving. Winter break may last up to two weeks. To help the breaks go smoothly, think about the holiday parenting schedule now. As you plan, consider:

The school calendar

Many schools have the yearly calendar posted. Check the website of the district or those of the schools your children attend. Charter school and private school schedules may differ from public school schedules. Do not rely on your child or your ex to inform you of days off; get your information directly from the source.

Your children’s needs and wants

Most kids love creating holiday memories with each parent, so divide holiday time equally if possible. Plan holiday activities during your parenting time, regardless of what the calendar says. If your children will be at their other home on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, sing carols and open gifts at your house on December 23rd.

As children get older, they may want to spend break time with friends as well as family. Consider allowing them to attend parties and plan activities with friends even if they occur on your parenting time. You want your children to enjoy normal childhood experiences regardless of your divorce.

Vacation travel

You or your ex may wish to take advantage of the school break to go on a short trip. Kids can learn a lot from traveling, so do your best to accommodate reasonable requests. If you are the one leaving with the children, let your ex know your travel arrangements, including where you and the kids will be staying.

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