Father’s rights in Texas child custody and visitation

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2019 | Child Custody

Many children are born to parents who are not married in Texas. Modern couples do family their own way, which often does not involve marriage. When a couple no longer wants to remain together, child custody and visitation may come into play.

In Texas, fathers must first secure their right as a father and establish paternity. A father in an unmarried relationship does not have legal rights until paternity is established. A simple cheek swab can establish a father’s paternity rights.

Once a father has established paternity, they can go to court to petition for child custody and visitation rights. Texas courts recognize both parents have an equal role to play in their child’s lives and that both parents are important. As the years go on, child custody roles may need to be updated if one parent is providing more care than another.

Fathers have incredibly important roles to play in their child’s lives. Once paternity is established, fathers can gain equal access to their child’s lives. An attorney who specializes in family law can help their client secure their parental rights to custody and visitation. They understand how important it is for the children to have both parents taking care of them and have the legal resources necessary in making sure their client’s rights are protected.

When a couple is no longer together the children should understand that both their mom and dad still care for them. Making sure a father is still in the picture and a valuable member of the children’s lives is incredibly important.

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