Is there a relationship between careers and divorces?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2019 | Family Law

While no one goes into their marriage expecting it to end, according to some data, divorce might be predicted by the career one has. According to an analysis of data collected by the U.S. Census, young married couples are facing higher divorce rates based on the field they are working in.

While Houston residents might think this means that married individuals should not work, this is not what the data claims. In fact, the research suggests reasons for why remaining married might be difficult in particular fields. For example, one of the top spots in the survey was held by military jobs. This could be because frequent deployments, moves and difficulties in reintegrating upon return, strain a marriage. The same could also be said for other careers that involve a lot of travel.

Food preparation and serving workers also experience a higher divorce rate. While the reasons outlined above may not apply to these couples, financial strain could be straining these unions. This is because they earn an average median income of around $21,000 annually. Another job that has a high rate of divorce due to possible financial strain is that of library assistants. Nonfarm animal caretakers also have a high divorce rate, at 15 percent. This could be because of compassion fatigue, which can cause emotional exhaustion that could have negative effects on a marriage.

While predicting divorce on the basis of one’s career is not an accurate science, it does highlight that financial strain and physical distance might strain a marriage. Regardless of the cause, when a couple decides to divorce, they might want to consider consulting an experienced attorney to ensure they are aware of the family law issues that need to be addressed.

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