Lawyer For Finding Hidden Assets

If you suspect your spouse is hiding assets during the divorce process, you need an experienced, skilled attorney to represent your interests. Terry L. Hart, Attorney at Law, helps individuals in Houston, Katy, Sugar Land and the surrounding areas uncover and value their spouses' hidden assets to ensure they get a fair share of marital property.

Forensic Accounting To Help You Locate Assets

In Texas, couples are required to disclose all of their assets during divorce proceedings. When spouses attempt to avoid a fair property division by hiding, or refusing to reveal, certain investments, income-producing properties or bank accounts, they may face legal sanctions.

Common methods used to hide assets include:

  • Hiding income and properties in corporations
  • Using overseas bank accounts
  • Transferring money or properties to third parties
  • Failing to disclose bank accounts, retirement accounts and investment assets

Attorney Terry Hart thoroughly analyzes his clients' and their spouses' property and financial holdings. When necessary, Mr. Hart employs private investigators and forensic accountants to locate and identify hidden assets. Once Mr. Hart has identified all of the marital property, he works to place accurate values on each property to ensure a fair and equitable division for his clients.

Leave Your Marriage With the Assets To Which You Are Entitled

Attorney Terry L. Hart is an experienced and aggressive litigator; his goal is to resolve his clients' legal disputes in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

When negotiation does not provide his clients with a fair division of marital assets, or Mr. Hart suspects his clients' spouses of hiding marital assets, he will aggressively take all possible measures to protect his clients' property rights in court.

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