Effective Legal Representation In Family Disputes

Matters of family law are stressful, sensitive and complicated. In addition to the requisite legal proceedings, involved parties must also negotiate fraught personal relationships. It is best to remain rational and objective. Yet this is difficult to do. When it comes time to divide property and assets, or resolve custody disputes, complexities will inevitably arise.

In such scenarios, an experienced attorney is invaluable. As an outside party, a lawyer is able to guide individuals and their families around common legal pitfalls and settle conflicts in a calm, effective manner.

A lawyer for more than 30 years, Terry L. Hart has in the last decade focused his practice exclusively on family law. Serving residents of Houston and the surrounding area, he offers knowledgeable assistance in a full complement of family disputes. Contact his office to learn more about how Mr. Hart can help.

A Personal, Pragmatic Approach To Texas Family Law

The longer a legal matter goes on, the more hurt it will inflict and the more strain it will produce. Mr. Hart is dedicated to resolving conflicts in as efficient a manner as possible. He will negotiate aggressively with opposing counsel to achieve his clients' desired outcomes. If a reasonable settlement cannot be reached through negotiation or mediation, he will be prepared to argue in court. He knows when to fight. He knows when to strike a deal. He is committed to helping his clients understand their options and helping them forge the optimal legal path.

The range of Mr. Hart's services includes:

  • Divorce proceedings — Whether contested or uncontested, divorce is an ordeal. Mr. Hart provides guidance through the legal issues. He can assist in the division of property, and help establish custody rights and support payment schedules. He will help determine if litigation is necessary and will endeavor to carry out the process quickly.
  • Division of assets — In a divorce, the division of property can become incredibly complex. Properties, stocks, businesses and savings are at stake. This is especially true for individuals with a great deal of wealth. Emotions often intensify and individuals may enter agreements that are detrimental to their interests. Mr. Hart is experienced in facilitating the proper appraisal and equitable distribution of assets. He will provide sure-handed counsel throughout the duration of the proceedings and make certain his clients are progressing toward their goals.
  • Child conservatorship and visitation rights — In Texas, a family law judge or a jury determines conservatorship ("custodial") rights, unless both parents can agree on a plan. Mr. Hart is skilled in negotiating complex custodial agreements, both in and out of court. In cases where a child's well-being is jeopardized, he is prepared to argue assertively on his clients' behalf. He can also assist in establishing a visitation schedule, and in matters stemming from enforcement of custodial and visitation rights. He will also work to ensure that custody and support arrangements are enforced.
  • Domestic violence — Mr. Hart offers representation in all manner of domestic violence cases. He provides counsel to victims of abuse and to those accused of being violent.

Whatever his clients' needs and goals, Mr. Hart is prepared to offer informed legal assistance.

Putting Family Law Affairs In Order

To schedule a consultation, call Terry L. Hart, Attorney at Law, at 877-576-7390 or 713-581-1773. He can also be reached through his online form.